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For over 50 years, Salvinelli has devoted creative and production energies to the manufacture of high value cutlery. Their focus on details conbines with their pursuit for perfection; the expert use of steel merges with the expirience and wilfulness of many generations.

The outcome is a wonderful range of beautiful and perfect products.


To fit up the table it's real culture to hand down to postery. The taste and the style changes the design, but remains the care of teh quality and the prestige. The steady search of the verius uses of the cutlery and of the kitchen equipmens make the Italian culture ich of novelties.

Therefore our targhet is to let you know the Italian style of the cutlery.




storia salvinelli

Download our factory story. Have a look to our storial pictures and read about our development and our passion for the high tecnology and search of style.






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