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fabbrica posate

Our history


The molds before the cutlery

Its founders, the brothers Costanzo and Faustino Salvinelli created a small mechanic in the home garage and with the necessary tools of the trade, in the after work, they began to build cutlery molds on behalf of local industries.

This is how an artisan company was born with the name of " Salvinelli brother".


Growth and establishment

The brothers built the shed next to the garage, which still houses the mechanical department of the company and jealously guards some tools of craftsmanship, a symbol of the commitment of our founders.

In a few years the small business strengthened and the brothers were convinced that in addition to the molds could also produce cutlery. Thus the new cutlery molding department was created, equipped with all the necessary machinery to start up a real production chain.


Salvinelli has born

The company definitively abandoned the production of molds for third parties and dedicated itself exclusively to its own development.

In the 80s the company changed its name to "Salvinelli Srl", but the "Salvinelli Brothers" continued to work on it, transferring their experience to their sons Amelio and Donato Salvinelli.


A new organization

The production capacity has been renewed by acquiring more modern machinery, more powerful computer software, robots to automate production and a high degree of employee specialization.

The company has found new spaces to expand the areas of activity in neighboring buildings: while the productive part has remained in the original factory, the warehouses have been decentralized in the adjacent buildings.


The expansion of the range

Salvinelli has felt the need to satisfy even more the customers’ needs by offering furnishing accessories for the table and for the kitchen. Thus began to enter the world of imports, but only to complement table decoration and kitchen accessories that can not be produced in-house, all always strictly in stainless steel.

The cutlery is always "100% Made in Italy" and to reinforce this concept, Salvinelli puts the slogan "Italian Cutlery Concept" alongside its trademark, that is: Italian concept of cutlery.


The story continues

Currently the company is in the third generation: the grandchildren of Costanzo and Faustino are carrying on the experience of the fathers, while introducing new skills thanks to their different studies.

Design, engineering, international trade: even if the Salvinelli of the grandparents is long gone, the desire to grow professionally remains a distinctive element handed down with devotion.